Sponsors & Exhibitors

Registration will open in
August of 2022

Exhibitor Information

Registration has closed

Exhibit Fee:  $650.00 

Exhibit Hall will be open on Wednesday, October 13 from 6:30 am-7:00 pm
Exhibitors are welcome to stay and attend the Thursday presentations.

Fee includes the following:

  1. Registration for one person
  2. Clothed 6′ table & chair
  3. Electricity
  4. Company logo in the conference program
  5. Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Social on Wednesday

Sponsorship Opportunities

Registration has closed

Platinum: $1500.00
Includes registration for 3 people and company logo in the conference program.

Gold:  $1000.00
Includes registration for 2 people and company logo in the conference program.

Silver:  $500.00
Includes registration for 1 person and company logo in the conference program.

Bronze:  $250.00
Includes company logo in the conference program.

*Please note funds from sponsorships and exhibitors will be used in support of planning and execution of current and future conferences. If funding allows, student scholarships will be awarded to students studying or earning a degree in the area of Transportation. Funds may also be used to create an endowment fund to ensure future and continuous support of student scholarships for the purpose previously mentioned.

Contact Information

Ray Benekohal Tel: 217-244-6288; e-mail: rbenekoh@illinois.edu
Or Megan Everette Tel: 217-333-9672; e-mail : meganev@illinois.edu

2021 TES Conference Sponsors

  • Clark Dietz, Inc.
  • EDI
  • Lochner
  • IL Association of County Engineers
  • IL Association of Highway Engineers
  • IL Department of Transportation
  • IL Division, Federal Highway Administration
  • IL Section, American Traffic Safety Services Association
  • IL Section, Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • IL State Police
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Region 5
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dept. of CEE

2021 Exhibitors

  • Cloverleaf Corporation
  • Durisol Noise Barriers
  • GeoStabilization International
  • Horizon Signal Technologies, Inc.
  • International Road Dynamics, Inc.
  • John Thomas, Inc.
  • MoboTrex, Inc.
  • Pelco Products, Inc.
  • PSS
  • Stuttgart, Inc.
  • CEE Alumni Association
  • CEE Online at Illinois